Hologramme wie bei StarWars

…naja, ok vielleicht noch nicht ganz. Aber die Wissenschaftler an der Universität von Arizona in Tucson haben eine Technologie erfunden, die es ermöglicht ein 3D-Bild auf eine Plexiglasscheibe zu projezieren. Je nach Einfallswinkel verändert sich das zu sehende Bild.

Schon ganz cool, wenn auch noch nicht marktreif bin ich gespannt wo die Entwicklung hier noch hingehen könnte.

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Das erinnert mich auch an die Technologie der Cheoptics-Hologramme:


…und so funktioniert´s:


Cheoptics hologram

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projectmelano | 2. Juni 2008

Heres a quick video of how cheoptics hologram might have worked. It’s pretty …

projectmelano | 2. Juni 2008

Heres a quick video of how cheoptics hologram might have worked. It’s pretty cool how it works.

Quick note:
Look at the Cheoptic hologram video and at 0:58 secs, you can see a projector projecting an image.

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  • двоечник по оптике! угол падения равняется углу отражения, а тут бред!

  • Baaaaaaaaaaad, baaaaaaaaaaad pun

    There‘ a point I’d like to square with them.

  • If you look at the 58 second mark of the vizoo2’s video and you’ll see that the projector is sitting on the rail directly above the screen underneath it. You’ll also note the the frame has its corners at the corners of the pyramid and isn’t rotated by a 45 degree offset as shown above. The above configuration *could* work but with considerable keystoning. An image being projected at that angle is likely to interfere with the projected images for adjacent sides.

  • an example of using glass as a screen is in a video titled „Dreamoc a holographic video illusion designed by RealFiction“. in that video they have the projectors pointing straight down on the glass and the image reflects off the glass and into ur eyes

  • U can some what see the black tint to objects through the screen. also i have another idea as of to what the screen is, if its not a thin black filter like screen, it could be a glare free sheet of glass, with a very light black tint to it. or its like a car windshield, where there is a sheet of vinyl beetween two sheets of glass in this case it would be a lightly black tinted vinyl, the vinyl would capture the light

  • acctualy ur wrong he is right about how the image gets projected to the screen, because it is done the way he says it is done so that the projectors are out of the way and passersby wont notice the projectors and think that the image is just floating there. It makes more sense that the creator would atempt to hide the projectors so it adds to the illusion. he wouldn’t have the projectors point directly at the screen, because people would connect the dots that it is just a projector and a screen

  • Nice graphics but the design as suggested by this video is incorrect. The image is projected either directly down or up to a floor screen at 45 degrees to each planar surface of the pyramid. As you pass a corner of the pyramid you switch which image you are looking at. The „3D“ is not real its just a reflection on glass.

  • I made the head hologram , jus with my 19 inch lcd monitor and the 45 grades film piramid 🙂

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Wenn dir das Video von projectmela

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